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In the Bubble: Aurora, Ohio

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hi. Bugging you guys, I can stop if you want me to. [30 Apr 2005|11:47pm]

Hi, My parents just moved to Aurora. I was born in Hudson Ohio, and moved to Chicago in middle school, my parents wanted to return and went to Aurora. I"m currently going to school in Wisconsin for technical theatre and education. I work lights and scenery mainly, but I'm ready to do more. This is my first post in anything other than my own journal. I was a little bored and was wondering around livejournal search and I typed in Aurora Ohio just to see anything and I can across you guys. You guys don't seem to have to many members. I was wondering if I could ask a couple questions. If this is a private community more or less, as something for people to talk about, I can leave. I was just wondering if I were to be looking for a summer job in theatre around Aurora, what are some of my options? Is there any really? Just curious. Thanks. Sorry to bug.
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[01 Feb 2005|12:42pm]


A Community for Ohio-Area theater and film artists

This community is to be used as a resource for theater & film artists in the Ohio area.

We welcome theater & film artists of all kinds: actors, writers, directors, designers, etc.

We also welcome artists from other mediums (visual artists, dancers, etc.) and people with services to offer Ohio-area theater artists (headshots, classes, etc.).

This site should be used to express need for help with projects you are working on (you need a stage manager, you're holding audtions, etc). It can also be used to post information about auditions/calls for submissions/opportunities in the Ohio area, or to inform others about upcoming theater/film/art events.

Many people would say it's silly or stupid to try and create theater and film in a place like Ohio.  But maybe you're too young to leave this place, or maybe you're too old to leave this place.  Maybe you're going to school here.  Maybe you have a regular, full-time job but still want to pursue theater as a part-time passion.  Maybe you just graduated from theater school and you're sticking around your home area for a few years to save money/build your resume before moving to a big city.  Or maybe you've just decided that you don't want to be one of the 2 billion masses washing up on NY or LA's shores saying "Look at me, I'm an actor/writer/director!" and you've decided that the place doesn't matter and you're going to create awesome theater and film right where you are, dammit.....

Either way.  Join ohiotheater .  Get word out about your stuff.  Get word from others.  Let's help each other out!

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BOO! [20 Jul 2004|07:27pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I'm bored. I went shopping today for vacay. Very happy with this. But still very bored. *Sigh* I'm listening to Disney songs and the scary thing is, I have no idea how they got onto my computer...it's creepy. Go see Strongbad now. (Inother words, click on the word Strongbad you dumbass)

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This land will surely vote for me! [20 Jul 2004|06:58pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Have you seen this yet?

This Land

It's hilarious!

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In the Bubble: Aurora, Ohio [20 Jul 2004|06:03pm]

[ mood | happy ]

This is a community for those of us lucky enough to live in Aurora, Ohio. Whether you love it or hate it, feel free to join.

Please be courteous when posting. Try not to fight with anyone here, either. Feel free to contribute anything you want as long as it is of appropriate nature. And please try to use proper spelling and grammar so we at least know what you're talking about.

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